Here's wee story I wrote called Vertical Stripes

The star of the tale is an Ewok called Medicine Man. He wears a head dress and has a furry coat with stripes down it that allow him to merge into alternate dimensions (using either with the dark stripes or the lighter more colourful ones). The Chief has sent the medicine man a small child to cure of a horrible ailement. Knowledge of herbs and remedies is treasured wisdom indeed, but he knows this time there are deeper issues at the root of the toxins taking old of the child.

Briefly there is a consultation including some offerings and afterwards Medicine Man dispensed with any show of understanding; he neither identified a course of action.

A place amongst the trees holds some mystical power he would need, and he used his stripes to merge into that realm. The spirits made it back from the void before he did. They were rotating in vertical formation above the doorway of the house of the sick child. The chattering village folk made guesses about what form the medicine would take. A potion? Something to be learned perhaps from people who have boosted their immune systemss in previous instances? Or a spell of protection?

A Medicine Man's right of passage is to get buried alive and endure the envy, doubts and fears of the tribes people, growing into animosity; trampling all over his premature grave. It was a deception he expected and, partly self-inflicted, it stung when the spell was cast and they were able to claim the colours of the deceiver. So 1 week after the hysteria had died down he clawed his way from the ground and began to implement a plan. Their presence ahead of him surprised Medicine Man, and meant he was vouched for, proactively. Teachings of the Priestess would possibly uncover the nature of this child, but that journey would keep.

It dawned on Medicine Man that an inherrent characteristic of individuals of tribe, was that talents or esoteric gifts travelled from host to host, sometimes flourishing sometimes not. He encountered them in folk not as entities with an aptitude, rather he knew to whom a gift really belonged and it was obvious either by process of elimination or anticipating a connection.

"I bet the kid's wondered off and been drugged by the K'tulu."

"Apparently not, the K'tulu brought him back...Only after negotiating a fee mind"

"what did they ask for?"

"They want us to change our messenger to our birds trainer"

"Well, I can undertand that, all the current fella does is annoy the elders, but a trained bird could be awful useful in delivering messages"

He's to speak to their wood pigeons and get 'em to stop taking the piss"

How so?"

"Well you know how our wood pigeons just give 2 hoots? They reckon their way of life is most threatened by traits in K'tulu pigeon of boredom, taunting songs and the like, and an acute pesimism."

"So the usual guy must've been winding them up as well."

"spose so"

The boy's time scouting about in the K'tulu village did happen upon him a nasty encounter with the evil pigeons. The unruly taunts etc caused toxins to flood his body and poisoned some of his vital organs.

There was nothing for it but to grind crow's claw into a paste and to rub it all over the Medicine Man's body. Being that his stripey coat enables Medicine Man to inhabit multiple dimensions simultaneously he has the boy's spirit captured for a while. His signal to the healer spirits sent a squadron airborne. It is common to all medicine that a little of the poison can be something towards the cure. He managed to organise a small flock of the evil K'tulu pigeons in attendence. That placed the blame onto our healer spirits and they in turn set him free of the curse . Fraught emotions can force people to swap with others their power. It oughtn't be a positive one for a negative one, but it is always of equal measure.

Thus favourable conditions for experiencing enough of a distraction or potentially total clarity wre set. Compelling though the notion is, our plucky new volunteer made the inevitable transition into usefulness, serving his community with pride in the fields.